Need for Speed: Heat – Deluxe Edition

Need for Speed Description:

The long-running Need for Speed franchise is stuck in a rut. The 2015 reboot, simply titled Need for Speed, was criticized for its cringe-worthy live-action cutscenes. Its successor two years ago, Need for Speed Payback, had an irritating upgrade system built around collectible Speed Cards. The last game to broach the 80 marks on Metacritic, Need for Speed Most Wanted, was developed by Criterion and released in 2012. The pressure is therefore rising around Ghost Games, the series’ current steward, and its next entry, Need for Speed Heat.
Unsurprisingly, the new game is vastly different to Payback. You no longer need Speed Cards, for instance, to upgrade your ride. “Speed cards were a little abstract,” Riley Cooper, creative director on Need for Speed Heat, told Engadget. “So we’re leaning much more grounded and straightforward [this time]. You get money, you buy the part you want. And the part improves the performance of your vehicle in the ways you would expect for that part.”

And if you’re worried about loot boxes, don’t be. “There are no Loot boxes in Need for Speed Heat and there won’t be,” EA Community Manager Ben Walke wrote on Reddit last week.

Cars are no longer separated by class, either. In Heat, any vehicle can be tuned for drifting or speed. “We’ve pulled those two [styles] apart as much as possible, so it’s very clear to the player what they’re building with their cars,” Bryn Alban, the game’s vehicle art director told Engadget. Alternatively, you can build a “heroic” car that sits in the middle of this customization spectrum. Your ride won’t be specialized enough to dominate online, but it’ll get you to the end of the story mode, Riley promised. “You can take the heroic handling model from the beginning of the experience to the end,” he explained. “If that’s your cup of tea, you can do that.”

To build up your cars and progress through the story, you’ll need to compete at different times of the day. Unlike previous entries, Heat splits its campaign neatly in two. When the sun is up, you’ll be competing for cash in a series of race, drift and off-road events called the Speedhunter Showdown. Curiously, Ghost Games has dropped the straight-line drag races that were prevalent in Payback. They weren’t the most compelling event type — to win, you merely watched a bar at the top of the screen and pressed the right button when the cursor hovered over a green section. Riley wouldn’t say why the mode had been dropped, but hinted that it could return in the future. “It’s something we know our fans enjoy,” he said. “So we’re looking at different ways to give that to players.”

At night, you’ll be accruing a currency called reputation that unlocks new events, cars and parts. In general, you can choose how long you want to spend in each setting. The fastest way to progress through the game, though, is to regularly alternate between race times.

Minimum system requirements :
– Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
– OS: Windows 7 – 10
– Processor: Core i5-3570 / FX-6350
– Video card: GeForce GTX 760 / Radeon 7970 / Radeon R9 280x, DirectX 11
– Disk space: 50 GB


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