Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia Description :

Remnants of memory disappear into the darkness. Your mind is in turmoil, and you cannot free yourself from the obsessive feeling of persecution. We need to find a way out. Wake up … You stumble along a narrow corridor and hear crying in the distance. The sound is getting closer. Need to find out … Is it really someone shuffling their feet? Or is it just a game of your sick imagination? Sensations … Something emerges from the darkness. It’s getting closer. Fast. Survive …
Feel like Daniel, waking up in an abandoned castle, barely remembering what happened to him before. As you explore the dark path, you will take part in Daniel’s most disturbing memories. Horror comes not only from the outside, it seizes you from the inside. An exciting odyssey through the dark corners of the human psyche awaits you. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (“Amnesia: Ghost of the Past”) – a survival game with elements of first-person horror. Amnesia A story about plunging into darkness, touching the incredible, and living in a constant nightmare. An experience that shivers down to the inside. Immerse yourself in the game with realistic simulations of the physical world, perfect 3D graphics, and a dynamic sound system. From the first seconds of the game until the end, you are in complete control of the situation. There are no screensavers or jumps in time – everything that happens is happening right here and now. You plunge with dizzying speed into a world of danger, where terror oozes from every corner. The only way to survive is to hide, run, but not lose your head. Can you handle it all?

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System Requirements* GD Hardware Rating
Intel Processor – Pentium 4 2.66GHz
AMD Processor – Sempron 2600+
Nvidia Graphics Card – GeForce 8600 GT
ATI Graphics Card – Radeon X800 GT
RAM Memory – 2 GB
Hard Disk Space – 3 GB
Direct X – 9